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Volunteers make the front cover of Trackside Magazine

This month's issue of Trackside Magazine may have had some familiar faces on the front cover, as we were delighted to be able to work with the magazine to showcase just a handful of our many dedicated volunteers.

7 active working members submitted, in their own words how they became involved with the group.

Photographs were taken by our talented & professional photographer friend ,Jack Boskett.

With more on the group in the October issue on sale 1st September 2023

Check out the latest issue

Our volunteers roles within the group range from a group accountant, electrical engineer, Magazine editor, professional paintwork polisher, website design etc etc all the way to someone to bring the cake to a meeting !

Everyone can have a role within the group and you don't need to be a skilled engineer in Class 50 locomotives to join us.

Class 50 Alliance & The Fifty Fund wish to thank Trackside Magazine for this opportunity

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