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Policies & Enquiries

Customer Care

As a small volunteer run organisation we understand that what we do will always impact on us and our reputation. We therefore always try to help as best we can, but please bear with us as none of us are employed by the organisation. This means that we all have day jobs and may not see your email or enquiry until the day or occasionally several days after you sent it. 

That said we always take any comment or issue seriously, so please get in touch using our email ( and we'll try our very best to help you.

Our Privacy Policy

We don't give your data away or sell it to any third parties. Please see this page for more details.


We take our responsibility to safety very seriously. We work with the regulatory authorities to ensure that our locomotives operate safely. All maintenance and repairs are carried out in accordance with approved processes. Please get in touch with our engineering teams (via the contact us page) if you are a professional railway operator and need more information.  

All products we sell to raise money to support our locomotives comply with UK product safety legislation at the time it is launched and sold. If you have any questions, please do contact us using the email

Wholesale Inquiries

The only products we make available for wholesale are books we publish. Please contact the Sales Officer on for more details.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We use PayPal as our payment facilitator, so all Credit / Debit Cards and other payment mechanisms available to UK based users of PayPal are available. 

- Offline Payments - Unfortuantely credit terms are not available but if you want to pay by cheque or other means please contact us using the sales team email first ( 

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