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Class 50 Alliance Shares


Owning a share in the Class 50 Alliance gives you a say in how our locomotives are preserved and operated. So why not buy a share and get involved?

By purchasing a share you are automatically enrolled as a member of The Fifty Fund which comes with additional benefits and gives access to the supporters group private area of the website. For a full list that share ownership brings, please see our prospectus here.


By purchasing a share you are confirming that you are over 18 years old and agree to be bound by our constitution


Shares may be purchased a number of ways: 

  1. Outright share purchase at £25 per share. Please download the form here and return it to us by post.

  2. Standing Order. Spread out the cost of your share purchase, from as little as £3 a month. Please download the form here and return it to us by post. 

  3. Paypal. Shares may also be purchased via our PayPal using the buttons below. The cost is slightly higher as it includes postage and charges incurred by PayPal.

Purchase shares now

To purchase shares now, please use the buttons below which will take you directly to PayPal to complete your transaction.

One share £28.00

Two shares £55.00

Four shares £107.50

All proceeds from share purchases go directly to supporting our locomotives.
Thank you for your support. 

Share Issue

For voting purposes an applicant for a share becomes a shareholder subject to ratification as soon as the money for a share has been deposited in the Class 50 Alliance's bank account. At this point a first time applicant will receive a letter of confirmation from the company secretary - we aim to do this in around four weeks, but it can take 2 months if key volunteers are away on business. 

However the process of ratification starts at the end of each year when the books close on share purchases on 31st December each year. From this point it normally takes five or six months for our volunteers to complete their tasks and produce the audited list, and a further few months to print and distribute the share certificates with the house magazine.

Consequently share certificates are usual issued in July or August of the year following share purchase. We know that the process does seem to take a very long time, but it does have to be done properly. 

Please remember: The whole of the Fifty Fund and Class 50 Alliance is run by volunteers and we have no paid staff. This makes us financially efficient, but also means activities are often restricted by the time each volunteer can give to the undertake their role. It must also be remembered that many of our volunteers have multiple roles, and often have to prioritise keeping our locos running over administration.

Question : I've moved house, how do I change the registered address for my shares?

Contact the Company secretary by email and give them both your old and new addresses, and ideally your shareholder number too. We’ll then be able to update the records.

Question: Can I leave my shares to a friend or relation in my will?

Yes. Make sure it is clear in your will who you want the shares are to pass to. Once you are no longer with us, your executor can contact our Company Secretary with the appropriate paperwork and we will change your shareholding to your nominee(s).

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