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Winter Preparations for 50031

With the winter, and inclement weather rapidly approaching it was time to “baton down the hatches” on 50031 Hood this weekend at Kidderminster.

We had used a thin plastic based sheet with anchor points as a protective cover previously. However, these has began to fail and the decision was made to invest in new, harder wearing sheets which are made from the same material as curtain side trailers, which are incredibly durable and strong ensuring that 50031 was full protected over the winter months.

As shown in the pictures,the original sheets or " Pyjamas" as modelled by 50033 Glorious.

Then the new durable sheets as shown freshly fastened down on 50031 Hood below.

This wasn’t before the team cleaned the locos exterior, and dried her off. We intend to invest in more of these sheets for the rest of the fleet.

Those of you who will want an update on 50031… she is still on hold at the moment as the team are undertaking various other projects on the fleet which including the return to traffic of 50044 Exeter & 50033 Glorious.

JG /C50A

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