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Class 50 50044 Exeter


50044 is one of our mainline registered locos, along with 50007 and 50049.

The survival of Exeter happened somewhat against the odds. Having been moved to Stratford for stripping (and thus advertised as such) she was inspected as a possible spares donor for 50035, but was found to be more or less intact. Purchased for a mere £5044 (plus vat) in November 1991, she was moved to St. Leonards. 

A poll of Fund Shareholders voted to cosmetically 'de-furbish' the loco to as near to as-built condition as practical and Exeter was trasnformed into D444. 

The loco was subsequently approved for mainline use, and saw extensive use in South Wales (along with 50031 and 50049).

Unfortunately, whilst working a railtour in July 2012 the loco suffered a power unit failure. Following assessment the decision was made to purchase a power unit from a Portuguese 1800 class loco (very similar to a 50, and with the same basic engine) and transplant it into the loco.

Since then, Exeter has been re-certified for mainline use and has worked a number of diagrams on the SVR.

The loco is mainline registered and currently operational, awaiting attention to optimise performance.

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