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Hoovering Around Taunton and Exeter

After being launched at the SVR gala, just a few days ago, the new book "Hoovering around Taunton and Exeter" is now available on our online store.

The latest publication by Joe Burr takes a detailed look at trains hauled by class 50 locomotives in and around the Taunton and Exeter area from 1973 to the present day. It covers their work on all the main routes, branch lines and freight only routes with many pictures from both before and after the major refurbishment of the class.

The foreword has kindly been provided by John Heaton, BR's Area Manager at Exeter in the 1980s when the class 50s were regular performers in the area. He also provides an operators view on the locomotives and their pefrormance.

Both signed and unsigned version of this new publication are available here:

All proceeds from "Hoovering Around Taunton and Exeter" will go towards the upkeep of the Class 50s in the care of the Class 50 Alliance.

Another book in this series is also available, "Hoovering around Bristol and Bath", also published by The Fifty Fund.

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