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Maintaining 50's

The new AVR system as fitted to our fleet – Stephen Tripp

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

CU3 (KV10) Main Generator Power Regulator & CU6 (KV10) Heating & Rad Fan Generator Voltage Regulator

Electric oil priming pump

Engine preheaters

GSM-R can be seen in the cab of 50044 – Jonathan Dunster

Global System Mobile – Railway (GSM-R)

OTMR as fitted to 50044 – Stephen Tripp

On Train Monitor Recorder (OTMR) or On Train Data Recorder (OTDR)

OTMR is essentially an airline style “Black Box Data Recorder”. In common with the airlines, the black boxes are actually painted Orange.

Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS)

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